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3D Rendering Services for Architecture and Real Estate

Interior Rendering

We recreate each interior space with the importance that the aesthetic and the functional are linked and coherently highlight the conception of an architectural project.We focus on the development of transversal projects that solve architecture from its conceptual aspect to the technical character that each design requires.
Interior design, lighting, materiality, comfort and photographic projection, are an important part of the essential requirements for each installment to look like a virtual story.

Exterior Rendering

The representation of exterior spaces leads to a detailed search for elements that highlight the integration of the architectural volume with an immediate context. 
These elements help us conceive realistic images focused on assuming the characterization of a new local experience for the transformation of urban environments. Vegetation, temperature, environment, materiality and textures we assume as the main axis in the development of the exterior narrative.

CG Animation​

Still images lead us to dream of new spaces, but they are never enough, that is why a moving image gives a special life to that unbuilt architecture. Virtual animations are increasingly framed in a demanding and project-oriented market, this is where we give movement to that design and the detail that each space demands.
We offer a special quality in each animated story that is planned with each of the commissions. We focus on observing the movement of the real elements that will be projected and with the latest software we comply with these local references to achieve a relevant animation in each tour.

Virtual Tour​

Interactively visualize your project through the use of 360º panoramas generated through navigable environments in which the user can explore the project as a virtual tour. 
These images come with a navigation aid, where we can move to the different spaces of our project through a single movement. This type of projects would definitely achieve a completely new presentation, generating a new level for the virtual experience in each proposal.

Virtual Reality

We also specialize in Virtual Reality environments. These kinds of real-time interactions are transforming the way real estate projects are viewed. With these solutions we can involve our clients in an absolutely immersive environment, visiting their own proposals, achieving closer control in terms of design elements, materials and textures.
We move away a little from the more traditional methods, but we serve them with the same quality, attention and detail that characterizes us.

360 Still Images

360º or VR still images are panoramic photographs in a wide-angle format that encompass a spherical view of space. With these images we project a much more detailed idea than usual, we have total control of a fixed space.
Its application in the market is also renewing the way in which a design can be visualized, beyond a static position, without movement. As well as interior renderings, attention to interior design, lighting, materiality, comfort and photographic projection, are an important part of our essential requirements in each delivery.

2D - Still Images

We represent your 2D plans in color and/or with materials that define its planimetry in a dynamic way that is pleasing to the client’s eyes. We also offer you 3D representation formats suitable for real estate sales or comprehensive innovation projects.
This way of communicating a project is preserved over time, always a complete view from an orthogonal or aerial direction, they will be key in the reading of each level for the presentation to future developers.